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W-pharma is growing for more quality and better service.

Our strenghts

W-pharma looks forward to helping you with drug packaging and medical device packaging. Whether you are active in the care sector, pharmaceutical industry or a hospital, we package everything just the way you want it. Discover our strengths in a nutshell.


  • Our entire premises are tailored to packaging activities.

Before end 2018:

  • We have clean-rooms where we deal with primary drug packaging.
  • We do secondary medical device packaging in dust-free rooms.


  • W-pharma is a market leader and specialist in specific services for the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals.
  • Possibilities for drug packaging: serialization, single dosage, medical unit packaging etc.
  • We are constantly adapting to developments in the complex pharmaceutical industry and care sector.

Quality system

  • GMP certification for drug packaging.
  • Quality compliance with ISO 9001, and we are constantly improving our processes.
  • Assembly and medical device packaging compliant with ISO 13485.
  • Processing of closed and open food in climate-controlled spaces in accordance with ISO 22000.
  • Safety compliant with OHSAS 18001.
  • Environmental policy compliant with ISO 14001.

Our solutions

We package everything just the way you want it, whether you are active in the pharmaceutical industry, the care sector or a hospital.
Primary and secondary unit drug packaging for hospitals
  • EU FMD serialization of prescription drugs
  • Aggregation at batch, shipper or pallet level
Visual monitoring and detection of errors in a production batch / rework
Food and food supplement packaging
Our people assist you at your own company, on your production line

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